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To ensure a cool, clean atmosphere for reasons of maximum performance and lifespan, Enggtemp Innovation provides panel air conditioners that are made to cool and dehumidify the inside of cabinets and enclosures used to contain electronic components. The evaporator exhaust fan, which is placed in the upper area of the industrial panel air conditioner, draws hot air from the electronic cabinet or enclosure into the return air plenum of the panel cooler. This air is then pulled into the evaporator coil, cooled, and then exhausted back into the cabinet or enclosure through the cold air outlet. Any moisture present in this air condenses on the evaporator coil gets collected in the condenser tray and is expelled to the side via the condensate drain tube.

Industrial Air Conditioners

Depending on the exact climate the panel air conditioner is required to work in, the air brought into the panel cooler through the intake filter, across the compressor, and through the condenser coil is often unclean, dusty, and/or humid. The condenser excel fan releases this ambient air back into the surrounding area. Depending on the ambient temperature and the workload placed on the panel air conditioner, the temperature of this discharge air will be fairly warm or even hot. The input filter will ensure that the air is generally pure.

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