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The industrial reciprocating chillers find application in industrial condition where oneapplication is completely defrant from the other application. The chillers are manufactured using specification material that are carefully chosen as per the process fluids used in specific process requirements.

Features of Industrial Chiller

  • Energy efficient air/water cooled compact chillers, suitable for working in high ambient conditions
  • User friendly Digital temperature controller with digital indication, function and fault details
  • Cooling capacity from 2 TR to 50 TR
  • Fully automatic compect Air cooled And Water Cooled Skid Unit
  • Wide Range of capacity from 1 Kw to 175 Kw With temprature of water/brine from 20°C to -20°C
  • Main Parts Are designed and manufacture by Enggtemp in its plant
  • Main critical components of the unit i.e. expantion valve , LP, HP Switch, drier etc of internation standerd
  • Control penal with micro base type controller
  • High quality product due to stage wise inspection and testing before despatch in our plant
  • 12 Months guarantee and blocked by most effective support